In the US, one party is increasingly public transit averse and the other is increasingly public safety enforcement averse. So it’s hopeless.

In LA (light rail stations now inform re minutes to the next train), the system

has perpetually been in public safety crisis post-Covid. Even driving and operator jobs are going begging as the assaults and public health failures pile up.

As a side note, no LA city + county leadership use public transit except when surrounded by security details to declare how concerned they are about safety, which regularly follows any particularly intensive spate of murders or ODs.

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These days. I seem to see an off-putting story about Los Angeles transit every few months on Twitter. I'd be lying if I said I "never had a bad experience" riding it myself, but none of my bad experiences had to with being attacked or even threatened. Usually, it was more like "the screen said a train would be there in eight minutes, but it somehow took 25."

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